Discrimination Against LGBT Youths

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Anti-gay peers terrorize LGBT youths by using words such as "faggot" or "gay". Those words are used in a negative sense to express either not cool or stupid. Blackman, G. (2008) clarified that it shows a greater sign of LGBT youth discrimination when the use of those words occur. The effects of physical abuse can be sensitive and widespread. An author said, namely Tracy, N. (2018) that normally it is characterized by a bruise but the long-lived effect may be severe. Example of this is post-traumatic stress disorder. It would be alarming if the youth, as early as their age, would experience these things. That's why psychological effects should never be u underestimated. Psych Central News. (2010) emphasized that people usually view based from…show more content…
Which pushes him to isolate himself from others. The personality of being antisocial is very common to the youth nowadays. Victims of anti-social behavior can go and be afraid of vacating their home and even feel not safe or uncomfortable when they are inside their homes. By not simply being able to walk to places and back or walk to their car to go out has a serious effect on the quality of life of a person. Social pressure. According to the Discrimination Against LGBT Youth in US Schools. (2017), Teenagers, especially students, experience some kind of social pressure regardless of their gender identity. But more often than not, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual teenagers struggle more when it comes to this issue. They are more prone to discrimination and it has big negative impact on their social, mental and psychological health. Being pressured by the people around can be the worst thing. The feeling of being not enough is what unworthy people normally feel. Being pressured can make an individual be competitive, to the point that they take every thing seriously. To the point that they only think for themselves. For the LGBT youth who experienced pressure, it must be so difficult for them to be both not accepted and to be…show more content…
P., Eliason, M., Mays, V. M., Mathy, R. M., Cochran, S. D., Daugelli, A. R., . . . Clayton, P. J. (2010), justified that suicide has become a serious threat to behavior in LGBT. There was a research and program to address the need for to understand the suicidal behavior and suicide risk in sexual minority populations. The article is a culmination of the efforts of experts to respond to the need for good understanding of the behavior and risk of the suicide to the LGBT population. The LGBT youth must feel insignificant for them to have the idea if suicide. People like this has a personality if being pessimistic. Being negative about certain things could lead to overthinking. They thought that suicide is the only thing to escape the pain they experience. Additional to that, according to Craig, S. L., Austin, A., & Huang, Y. (2017), Young people at LGBT encountered stigma-related stress that require effective coping skills. According to stigma-coping, coping skills are widely regarded as disengagement or communication approaches. LGBTQ uses the problem as a strategy to cope with stress and torture. Finding professional and spiritual support is the least adopted coping strategy. Post-intervention, reported increases in areas of primary control (solving family problems) and secondary controls (seeking spiritual support, seeking transfers, focused on demanding tasks, and

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