Least Restrictive Environment Case Study

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LRE (Least Restrictive Environment): Picture: PAGE 2 QUESTION A & PAGE 5.1 STUDENT SUPPORTS The first example I have of LRE in Stacy’s IEP is in the ‘Consideration of Special Factors’ section, which ask whether or not Stacy’s disability causes her to have behavior that negatively impacts her or her peers learning in the general education classroom. The answer to this question for Stacy is no, which means she will be able to stay in her general education classroom, which will ultimately benefit her. Keeping Stacy in the regular classroom will keep her from feeling isolated and left out, and will also help her to continue to be social and keep her social skills where they need to be, while working on areas that she actually needs help with.…show more content…
According to her IEP team, Stacy should remain in the least restrictive environment, or the general education classroom, while working towards her goals. Later on in the document it states that Stacy should be in a special education class sometimes, but for most of her learning she should remain in the general education classroom, which is again important because of reasons I stated in my previous example. The term LRE is very necessary to be mentioned in an IEP because it indicates how much time a student will spend in the general education classroom, and how much time they will spend in another class, like a special education class. Being in these different types of classrooms can show how severe a students disability is, or what kind of disability they have, and can affect the kind of help they receive and how well they might transition into living an independent life upon graduation. For most students, it is best to have them remain in the general education classroom to maintain being social with their peers, but sadly some students don’t have this option and have to be in another type of class to benefit them the…show more content…
In all IEPs there need to be goals set of for the student to work towards, which will help them meet the standards of the general curriculum, and aid in them improving upon their disability and hopefully reaching independence eventually. UDL is supposed to help the IEP team put together goals for the student to meet, specifically goals that are related to problem areas of the student, and that give the student a chance to learn what they need just like other students. This section in the IEP is very important because it lists out specific goals with great detail that Stacy must work on, including how she is supposed to meet these goals, how she will be evaluated for the goals, and what exactly has to be done in order for her to have completed the goal. These goals will really benefit Stacy because she will improve in the areas these goals are focusing on, and she will be able to keep up with the general curriculum in her own way without falling behind or struggling because of her learning

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