LSD: Acid Or A Hallucination?

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LSD is a hallucinate know to be a powerful drug of this kind. LSD is commonly known as acid. This drug changes a person’s mental state by messing with the perception of reality to the point where at high doses hallucination occurs. Acid is from a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. It’s manufactured chemically in laboratories, except for a small percent, which is produced legally for research. Hallucination is when a person hears, or sees thing that doesn 't really exist in real life. LSD is the most powerful hallucinate. Approximately 100 times stronger than psilocybin or shrooms. LSD as it is pure is a white, odorless crystalline powder. But because an effective dose of the drug when it is pure is almost invisible it is mixed with…show more content…
Hoffman wanted to do more research with the LSD. While handling the drug, he accidentally ingested a decent amount of lsd. Then he experienced the world"s first acid trip. About eight hours later Hoffman came back to reality..Three days later, in an attempt to prove that the LSD made him trip he decided to take more. Dr. Hoffman ingested what he thought would be a small quantity of LSD but really wasn 't. But he actually ate a decent amount of lsd. He took five times the dosage necessary to produce heavy hallucinations trip for a adult male. The drug produced effects that were much more intense than the first time he took it. He noted that he felt unrest, dizziness, visual disturbances, a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times. Dr. Hoffman"s condition improved six hours after taking the drug but he although still had visual disturbances and…show more content…
The use of acid increase during the late 60"s and 70"s, due to the publicity by Timothy Leary and the social upheaval that took place in the United States at that time. The use of acid kinda peaked in the early 70s and then began to decline. The attributes this was because of three factors. the increasing number of bad trips reported and bad expersions, speculation that LSD was related to chromosomal damage. By the late 70s, Acid use had declined even further as many drug users turned to PCP and heroin. While these drugs are still in used all over, a steady decline of LSD use has been seen in recent years. The 1987 National Household Survey of Drug Abuse stated that three percent of students between the ages of twelve and seventeen had used acid at least once in their life. Before Acid made its way out of the lab and was used by hippies, the U.S. government was running top secret tests on hundreds of unsuspecting American civilians and military personnel. In a unclassified material on the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert ops, the MK ULTRA program, which ran from 1953 to 1964, exposes the crazy world of the CIA’s unethical LSD tests. The crazy true story involved using hookers to lure in unwitting men for undisclosed testing, agents would slip drugs into drinks, and a U.S. marshal who held up a San Francisco bar not knowing he was high on

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