Meaningful Monitoring

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LU6 Assignment: Using the information provided from the videos, MTSS information and previous slide, please respond to Question 1 Chapter 9 on pages 88 and 90. LU6 Question 1:“Meaningful Monitoring” by Joy Dye, Chapter 9 p. 88: What are some of the changes Mr. Lind can make in order to achieve his desire to have a more visual and accurate system of monitoring how his students are progressing toward their goals? (CC854)? Response: Mr. Lind, a two year special education teacher (junior high students), prepares for his parent report card conferences. He is seeking more than samples of work from the students to show the parents. Is Mr. Lind effectively using the Responsiveness to Instruction (RTL) model? In the near future, Mr. Lind needs…show more content…
Mr. Lind needs to design a monitoring system that is more personalized for each students based upon their IEP’s and interviews with the student(s), parents and anyone involved on the IEP team. In other words, he needs to know each student better in order to create a process to establish setting goals, planning, monitoring, reviewing, and adjusting. Many students with a disability, especially those with traumatic brain injury are not aware of how to set goals, or make plans for their future. A standardized monitoring system will not work across the board. Therefore, talking with the student(s) will open the door to a self-monitoring system he/she might understand. It will take a lot of effort and patience to help students with learning disabilities to learn how to set goals, and self-monitor themselves but it will allow the student to become more involved with his/her progress and setting goals. For instance, a chart could be designed to show daily tasks for the week, due dates and final grades. A student folder is set up for the student: The student(s) review and completes the chart each day and returns the chart to their student folder. At the end of the week the student could take the chart results home to share with the parent/guardians. Giving the student self-monitoring charts will encourage the student to be more aware of taking responsibility for their future while establishing goals and creating progression charts. It is important for the teacher to reach out to his peers to find solutions to helping his/her student(s) learn in their own way to be more
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