La 111 Reflection

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I thought the meetings would be awkward for me, as I didn’t get along with strangers too often. However, this experience has taught me to give everyone a chance and for that, I am truly thankful. Then again, I thought that LA 111 would be able to help me adjust to that problem of mine and it did eventually. Participating in the class helped me later articulate what I had learned to my member where or when it was necessary. I realize now that it had been my fear of being alone in this that had kept me from joining programs like this. However, it was the complete opposite. I would meet my member and talk to her about her expectations of the class and casually go over the materials that was due. Then, when I met the other tutors during LA 111, I would share how I was feeling and even listen to others about how they feel throughout the program. It was definitely a new experience for me.…show more content…
However, LA 111 expected me to actually slow down, something I am not used to doing whenever I teach someone anything. Now, I realize the flaw in actions, as it only allowed me to finish, but I never took the time to consider how much my peers have actually understood. Learning to be a collaborator was difficult, but over time, I learned to refrain from being the evaluator. Sometimes I gave a chance or two to my evaluator side to handle the session under the pretense of being productive, but I wold always learn to stop myself in
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