La Alianza Case Study Essay

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Thru my investigation, I found that the DSS began recruiting non-profit organizations in the community like La Alianza to fulfill its sociocultural gap; especially, racial and ethnic minorities to provide the welfare for the abused and neglected children in the state of Massachusetts. A collaborative relationship with La Alianza was established by DSS, with an intention to manage and offer better child welfare services. La Alianza was highly reputable at the time in fulfilling its mission. DSS hoped that La Alianza would close the cultural sensitivity gap they were struggling with in providing the childcare and family needs in the Hispanic community. A network model was not set up by DSS. The city struggled financially to keep up the budget to support, the demand in the community’s need of child protective…show more content…
The monitoring process of La Alianza was an informal affair to DSS, instead of strictly following and guiding them to train them properly. Steady complaints from multiple areas regarding La Alianza were received by DSS regional office. The problems the La Alianza struggled with were known to director William Warren. Due to lack of experience in the area of child welfare services, La Alianza failed to recruit and keep the competent staff. The staff that stayed over got overloaded with the work, which caused the high turnover. La Alianza couldn’t afford to pay higher salaries to retain the staff, due to the low rates of reimbursements from the DSS. The inexperienced and newly graduated case workers had a heavy caseload. The newly graduated case workers failed to find the basic investigation details, such as if parents were lying, or if children were being abused or not. In addition, DSS required time-consuming paperwork with the extremely heavy workload. However, DSS failed to give more support due to their own financial constraint and increased workload due to cutbacks in the
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