La Amistad Movie Analysis

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La Amistad movie a movie released In 1997 was a true movie story based on slavery life it takes about how slavery was managed and about the slaves of La Amistad ship, La Amistad ship is a ship which carried slaves from other countries to the U.S. The historical setting is in Connecticut, a place in the U.S. The event took place in the 1800s. Body: At the beginning of the movie Cinque the leader of a tribe was in LA Amistad ship then he managed to scaped from the Spanish crewmen, slaves force 2 Spanish crew men to go back to Africa but they went to the U.S, Then a U.S navy ship captured the amistad ship, Slaves were taking to a trial, Mr Baldwin who is the lawyer won the case. There were a lot of characters in the movie the main ones were, Cinque, M.R Baldwin, Queen Isabella 2, John Quincy Adams, and Martin Van Buren. Cinque: He is the main character in the movie, he is a slave who lived…show more content…
Actually she didn’t use to manage every thing a grownup queen do, she had a lot of people and advisers to help her, She had a normal typical old life not a life like nowadays, her life wasn’t way different from other rich girls at her age, she used to play with dolls, throw imaginary tee parties, live in a huge big castle, and also wear the best dresses of the country. she was also given information about the country, by advisers but at her age there was no much to understand and to worry about, some people thought that her advaisor used to mentalize her to sign the paper he wanted to, as she grew older she become a great queen to Spain, she was also loved by her
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