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La Bamba, California is very small town with a population that is just under two hundred people. In this small town, there was an auto repair shop, a bakery, a butcher, a grocery store, and a gas station. Other than the houses where the people lived, this was all that La Bamba consisted of. La Bamba was dependant on the crops of the local farmers to feed everybody. The farmers would haul in large amounts of different crops that would then be used to make the food that the people eat on a daily basis. The people of La Bamba made their own dairy products, meat, and bread. The gardens of the local women supplied the town with fruit and vegetables. This small town was largely dependant on themselves and nearly untouched by the outside world. This…show more content…
They sat upon the top branches and continued their conversation of work and recent activities they had engaged in. Once they had decided that they were now bored with the view of their town from atop the tree, the boys climbed down, or attempted to at least. Tyson, being the first one to climb to the top, followed Luke and Will down. By the time Tyson was halfway down the tree, the other boys had reached the ground. Out of fear of being left behind he tried to hurry down the tree a bit faster which caused him to slip. He slammed against the trunk of the tree and opened his eyes to realise that he was now hanging upside down with one leg caught on a branch. Tyson then realized that it was his the bottom of the right leg of his pants that had been punctured by the stump of a broken branch. The other boys were at the base of the tree laughing hysterically at his predicament. When they came around, Luke climbs up just high enough to reach Tyson and was trying to pull him down, which did not work. Will tried pulling his friend away from the tree in an attempt to shake the stump loose from Tyson’s pants, but the stump wouldn’t move and neither would Tyson’s

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