La Belle Dame Sans Merci Transformation

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At the beginning of each tale, the protagonists live a regular life unaffected by the supernatural. This changes drastically by the end of their story because they end up in at least one of the three stages of possession. To determine which stage each protagonist undergoes throughout the tale comes from evidence from Satan, Sex, and Demoniac; along with evidence from each story. One of those story’s is “Adventures of the German student” by Washington Irving, who the protagonist is Gottfried Wolfgang. Then “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” by John Keats, the character is only known as the knight-at-arms. Wolfgang goes from being a regular student to facilitating demonic infestation, along with later suffering from demonic oppression. The knight at arms undergoes a similar transformation, from being a simple gentleman, to suffering demonic oppression as well. At the beginning of the tale, Gottfried Wolfgang is…show more content…
In the stories of “Adventures of the German student” and “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”, the characters become victims of demonic oppression. The first protagonist, Gottfried Wolfgang was a smart and intelligent individual who studied at one of the top schools, but because of his research he ends up facilitating demonic infestation through performing rituals. By practising Wolfgang breaks the law of invitation and brings a demon into his life, that later takes advantage of him. Then in the second tale, the knight-at arms was a gentleman that becomes captured by Bella Dame’s charms and falls for her. Then during their time together, she seduces him, and he falls into a coma for many months, only to live the same dream repeatedly. Then when he wakes he finds himself on the hillside he dreamed about, all alone. Where he realizes he should have known she wasn’t human, and that he was clearly taken advantage of. In both short stories each character undergoes a change, after coming into contact with a

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