La Belle Et La Bete Short Story

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Story 1 La Belle et la Bete, a 1756 short story by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont
Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont (1711-1780) moved from her native France to England in about 1745 and from England to Switzerland in 1764. A prolific author of over 70 volumes, she was highly regarded in her day, but is now known only for her version of "Beauty and the Beast."

In the first, there was a very rich merchant who had six children, three sons, and three daughters; he was so satisfied with them and gave them everything for their education and all kinds of masters. Also, his daughter youngest and beautiful who called the little Beauty; her older sisters were very jealous and bitter of her. They grew up in a wealthy family, so the oldest sisters
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One day it showed that her father was very ill and fret to death; She begged the Beast to let her go, and visit her sick poor father. If she goes, she will never return said to be sad. He asked her about will she be his wife. if it's happening. I will die of grief. I will come back cried Beast. She promises. She’ll only stay a week in the visited and return back. so the Beast agreed, and he gaves Beauty a ring. when you want to return turn this ring times, and she wish to return to the Beasts palace.
He told her next morning Beauty walk in her father’s cottage as soon as he saw her. He began to get better, and with Beauty as his servant. He was soon completely well again. Beauty was so happy to be with her family that she forgot all about the promise. She made to the Beast. One night she trimmed the Beasts was very ill and was lying in the castle garden. She woke up startled.
Beauty must return at once, and she turned the ring three times and immediately found herself back in the Beasts palace everything seemed the same. Beauty started ou of her sleep, bursting into tears and she knew his fault and so ugly monster face, but he is kind and good attiutie. She was upset to refuse to marry him.she had the highest gratitude, esteem,and
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