La Brothers Grimm's Version Of Sleeping Beauty, By Charles Perrault

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In this chapter, the source and target text of the translation under study is introduced and changes occurred in this translation are detected and categorized. These categories are mostly the same translation procedures introduced in Van Doorslaer’s map which refer to sort of maneuver or technique used by the translator while rendering from ST to TT. All of these techniques are employed within the framework of deconstruction as an underlying logic behind all alterations. 3.1 Corpus Corpuses in this study refer to source text and target text. By source text, it is meant the classic story of Sleeping Beauty written by Charles Perrault. Target text in the study designates Maleficent movie directed by Robert Stromberg. 3.1.1 Source text. The story of Sleeping Beauty is based on a story under the title of Sun, Moon, and Talia by Giambattista Basile which was published in 1634. Also Sun, Moon, and Talia itself is based on some folk tales. Sleeping Beauty in French (La Belle au bois dormant ‘The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood’) published by Charles Perrault in 1697.…show more content…
11). The known version of the Sleeping Beauty composed between 1330 and 1344 and first printed in 1528. 3.1.2 Target text. As Marginean (2014) explains, Maleficent (movie) is a post-modern restating of the story of Sleeping Beauty approached from the perspective of the vicious fairy (p.
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