Inter-Semiotic Translation Essay

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In this chapter, the source and target text of the translation under study is introduced and changes occurred in this translation are detected and categorized. These categories are mostly the same translation procedures introduced in Van Doorslaer’s map which refer to sort of maneuver or technique used by the translator while rendering from ST to TT. All of these techniques are employed within the framework of deconstruction as an underlying logic behind all alterations. 3.1 Corpus Corpuses in this study refer to source text and target text. By source text, it is meant the classic story of Sleeping Beauty written by Charles Perrault. Target text in the study designates Maleficent movie directed by Robert Stromberg. 3.1.1 Source text. The…show more content…
The study regards the concept of characterization in order to study the changes and mismatches between ST and TT and attempts to rationalize the role of deconstruction as the cause of these changes and mismatches. Typology of characters in the study is considered with reference to two distinct classifications. The first is introduced by Forster (1956); a British novelist, essayist, also a social and a literary critic; who focuses on the course of the characters’ development in literary work and classifies characters into flat and round. Flat characters in Forster’s terms are those who are easy for audiences to understand. Their roles are mostly to support the main characters. As the story goes, flat characters do not experience a substantial transformation or growth. These characters, that are known as two-dimensional have recognizable personality which makes them somewhat stereotypical. As opposed to flat characters, round characters are complex and difficult to understand. They are not two-dimensional and have depth in their feelings and personalities. Like real-life characters the audiences can sympathize or relate to the round characters. These characters often carry elements of surprise and undergo development (pp.
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