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Mission Statement


La Casa Azul, (house in which Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo lived, along with their contents), was donated to the people of Mexico by Rivera in the custody of the Museums Trust Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo of the Bank of Mexico in 1955.

Open the doors of the Frida Kahlo Museum to the public and preserve the house and its collection, fulfilling the desire of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to inherit this Museum to the people of Mexico.

Transmit Frida Kahlo's interest in Mexican culture and identity, through the preservation of the Museum/House, spaces and personal objects to create a memorable experience.


The Frida Kahlo Museum is in charge of the preservation and exhibition of a diverse and extensive collection covering a large number of materials where Frida Kahlo's personal objects and artistic production coexist from easel paintings, drawings, photographs, pre-Hispanic ceramics, colonial ceramics, paper, and textiles, among others.

Every object in La Casa Azul says something about the painter: crutches,
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There are legal and ethical elements that must take into consideration for the acquisitions. The ICOM Code of Ethics stipulates that museums must adopt a written definition of the collection policy that addresses the ethical aspects of acquisition. (Reference) For the FKM “…all works proposed for acquisition to the collection should be relevant to the Museum’s stated mission and should be in, or capable of being returned to, an acceptable state of conservation, unless the physical condition is integral to the meaning of the work” (REFERENCE). The FKM accepts donation, the legacy, the purchase, exchange, stockpiling on the land and other means of transfer of title to the beneficiary. Only works with legal title should be considered for acquisition. The museum must be able to guarantee maintenance, conservation and housing for the

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