La Catrina Descriptive Writing

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I stood there in the sandy dirt. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. I had a strong grip on the fence that divided up the track where the competitors pass. I wanted to close my eyes when the bell rang, but it was too late. It had just begun. Today was finally happening.

My uncle Miguel takes time and effort training his horse. Her name is La Catrina. She is the fastest horse that my uncle and cousin Christian own. Occasionally, we need to be careful when my cousins and I are around her. I just love it when the wind blows her hair to one side. My uncle Miguel and my older cousin Christian are usually the ones who train her. They both own her. They have other friends there who try to advise them. They are getting ready for the race which is in a week. I just hope she is prepared for it.

A week later, it was time for them to drive to Benjamin’s Ranch in Belton, Missouri. My uncle wanted all of us to go cheer for her and for him. Once we pulled in, the place was all dusty. It was like a desert, blowing the dirt in all sorts of places. It was crowded when we were trying to find a place to park. We decided to go park right next to my uncle’s trailer. We forced own way out of the van and all I saw was
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One by one, the announcer was introducing the crowed the horses. The jockey is the one who haves to ride the horses. Once the jockey was all set, my uncle shows off his horse to the crowd by walking back and forth on the track. I was terrified because La Catrina was trying to knock down the rider. My uncle was trying to keep her calm, however she couldn 't stop. Finally, he got her to stay calm. The crowd was so excited for this race. My ears were starting to hurt awful because of the crowd. They were all shouting out the names of the horses that they hope is going to win the race. That made me realize that La Catrina has no chance of winning, because the other horse are very strong to
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