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This amazing Carnival is celebrated in La Ceiba, Honduras. It has been a traditional event since 1917. It started as a religious celebration, but after a short time it changed its purpose. The carnival is popular for its singular floats. Different bands gather in a common place and play traditional music. All visitors and tourists are welcomed by friendly people from La Ceiba.
La Ceiba is a small city located in the northern coast of Honduras. Every May, they celebrate the fair of the city in honor to St. Isidro Labrador. St. Isidro’s day is on May 15th. Citizens from La Ceiba prepare for the big carnival the nearest weekend, which can be after of before. The carnival began as a religious fair in 1917. It was in 1929 when the Mayor transformed
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other floats are made with a lot of flowers and fruits, they can also have animals inside, like pigs, rabbits and horses for the farmers of the city. Floats are very attractive to visitors and they enjoy just seeing them.
At night, the carnival changes it´s face, from floats to parties and concerts. Each intersection of the street has a little and local band in concert, playing traditional music, like “punta” and “merengue”. People enjoy the concerts. They can also find something to eat or drink, and dance on the stage with the band, dance in the street with friends, or even dance with unknown people, finally with the same feeling to have a fun night until the morning.
Citizens from La Ceiba are known as friendly people. This is a reason why visitors and tourists feel welcomed in this city. People come from different parts of the country, even from other countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mexico.
In conclusion, La Ceiba Carnival is an event people look forward to in the whole country and other near countries. They offer us cultural and religious activities as well as big parties, live concerts, a lot of fun, several kinds of food, charming floats, and people who are always available to be visited. The best of La Ceiba, is its

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