La Cenerentola Analysis

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As a person who attends the opera for the first time, I will describe the opera “La Cenerentola”, which was composed by Rossini, by using the words “familiar but out of expectation”. The meaning of familiar refers to the story, as it comes from the the Disney cartoon “Cinderella”. However, since the story is presented by using a format of opera, so thing becomes new and surprise to me. Here I am going to share my experience of attending this opera by talking about the story, the music, the stage and the characters.

When the general public knows well about the story of “Cinderella”, I believe that I know what’s going on. By the way, some contents are out of expectation such as the Prince used a bracelet to recognize Cenerentola to replcae a glass shoe. Also, the fairy is not existed in the opera. Instead, some extra contents are added into the opera. Prince Ramiro dressed up as a beggar and a servant to visit the Don Magnifico’s family so as to observe those girls who want to be his wife, but Clorinda and Tisbe treated him impolitely and asked him to go away. This act sets a clearer image of the two devious stepsister and also emphasis a kind-hearted Cenerentola image.
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I used to think that students who take the vocal major no need to practice so much because singing is a gifted talent for them. However, do not like the normal performance of the pianist or violinist, the singer of the opera needs to have professional singing technique together with acting at the same time, while the former one can ignore the others once they plunge into their music world. The singer has to interact with the audience, just like what I saw in this opera. Those singers have a showiness facial expression to show the characteristic of their own characters lest the audience can’t see it. So, I start to understand how hard to become a

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