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Each time I 'm at the Island la gomera I know I 'm No more the happiest individual on the planet. La gomera does truly have an immense meaning to me in my life, in my childhood we spent most our time there, truly living our lives to the fullest. We explored the nature and did a lot of fun things together, however nowadays we just go there once every three years. Contrasted with different places on the planet makes la gomera a noiseless place, and it 's superb and unique nature gives me lots of inspiration when I 'm working with my art projects. The heaven Island can grow anything from bananas to guavas, and obviously there 's palm trees. The climate is quite hot where it seldom rains. Me and my family really like swimming in the ocean there,…show more content…
We used to have a pink grapefruit tree, but it got burnt down in the flames that swept through lo del gato in the mid year of 2012. The last time me and my family were in la gomera we spent a whole day in a town called vallen gran Rey. I know that day is going to last in my memories forever. We Did a ton of things together that day. The moment when all of us went swimming in the long stony beach was fun, it was really high waves that day. The waves were so high that It actually felt like a roller coaster ride. But what made the day the best day in my life was when the hippies played drums to the rhythm of the small waves in a circle on the beach. It was a late night, the sunset was the most beautiful and orange sunset I 've ever seen before. It was when I thought of only getting this once in my lifetime that I realized how lucky i am to be here. In a few seconds my intire life flashes infront of me, and my future. My past and my future really stand out from each other, the past was basicly just going to school and being at home while i saw myself delighted in my own little house painting, going swimming, and just doing anything my heart deasires. Eventhough i knew we where heading back to my cage where i did 'nt belong i could 'nt wait to move to la gomera once

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