La Haine Symbolism

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I glad to see someone on this site with a similar viewpoint on this movie. Personally for me it never displayed that "it" factor.

Whoa… I’m not sure if it was the noteworthy cult film references it made to begin with, or if it was the nostalgic 90’s hip-hop culture, it emulated later on, regardless of what it was this movie flat-out blew me away in all sorts of ways that I didn’t expect.

La Haine centers around a trio of friends from the French slum of banlieusards. This film has an intentional vague structured plot that basically plays out as a day in the life of our protagonists who come from three distinctly different ethnic cultures. Vinz a hotheaded jew, Saïd an arab who is the prankster and the most naïve of the three, and Huebert an
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