La Inca And Lola Relationship Analysis

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Mother-daughter relationships are complex and diverse. Some mothers and daughters are best friends, for they can talk through everything and share their secrets. Others have to keep a distance to avoid conflict. The relationship between La Inca and Belicia was unalike from the relationship between Belicia and Lola because La Inca was not Belicia’s mother and she raised Belicia with culpability for Belicia abusive childhood. There for, La Inca acted as a permissive parent, La Inca gave Belicia a few rules, but La Inca never unforced them. On the other hand, Belicia nurtured Lola as Lola was an extension of herself. Belicia was a neglect parent to Lola. Therefore, the mother and daughter relationship between La Inca and Belicia contrasted the…show more content…
Belicia husband left her when her children were very young, so Belicia had to work three jobs to provide Lola and Oscar food to eat and place to live. Belicia was a negative, loud mouth, abusive mother. She convinced Lola that Lola was ugly, stupid, and worthless. Belicia often screamed hit her children anywhere and in front of any one, with either the flip flop or the leather strap. If “Belicia was not at work, she was sleeping; Lola shopped, cooked, cleaned, took care of Oscar, and had the best grades in her class” (Diaz 56); nevertheless, Belicia complimented Lola. Belicia consider Lola just doing a daughter’s duties. Moreover, when Lola let Belicia know that the neighbor raped her, Belicia did nothing to confront the criminal; instead, Belicia told Lola shut her mouth and stop complaining. Belicia was not a mother of her word; she let Lola believe that Lola would go to the sixth grade sleep away to Bear Mountain, so Lola used her own paper-route money to buy a backpack, was all exciting getting ready to go. But on the morning of the trip, Belicia would not allow Lola to go. Intentionally or not, Belica push Lola away, and Lola thought of run away from her mother. In Lola adolescent life, Lola and Belicia fought constantly. Lola loved Belicia and concerned about her cancer, but Belicia did not give Lola a chance to show. Belicia usually gave Lola a cold shoulder, bad comment, and
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