La Llorona Urban Legend Analysis

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A story that had a profound impact on me during my childhood years would have to be a story told by my mom that just terrified me. I was told this story about of the age of 4. The story that I am talking about is an urban legend called La Llorona. My understanding about this urban legend is that she is a Hispanic legend and is known as “the weeping woman” in America. In Mexico, la Llorona is described as an awful mother who drowned her 2 kids in a river. I was scared of her ever since my mother told me her story. The reason why I was told her story is because it was late at night and I was outside and would not listen to my mom to go inside. So the urban legend la Llorona was ineffective and traumatizing to me. To begin, I was only of the age of 4 when I was told la Llorona story, I did not know any better but just to get scared of it. It was late at night and I was outside riding my scooter with my next door neighbor, friend and my mom called me to go inside. I did…show more content…
I was always scared to search up and see if she exists or not. In “To cry or not to cry: La Llorona,” Bescobar states “There aren't hard copy documentations proving that this legend, truly exist but there are several stories that have been passed down by people who have crossed paths with La Llorona.”. This quote means that there is no type of evidence that la Llorona actually exists. There are only stories of people whom they say they have seen or heard la Llorona at night. But no evidence whatsoever if she is real or fake. After this research I’m more calm than I was when I stop getting scared of her. Now I know there is no evidence she is real and she is only a myth. Perhaps if I would have done research about la Llorona when I was scared of her being real, I would not have thought the same. I would have had a totally different perspective about her and I would have not carried her panic for so many
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