La Miel Filipina Swot Analysis

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MarinduqueLand Corp.

• They stated their mission and vision.
• They provided links wherein customers will find more information about their products.
• They provided stores where customers could find them.
• (Example: Lazada)

• They didn’t have their own shopping cart
• The website is boring, they didn’t show attractive pictures
• Lack of advertisement for their product
• They don’t state any promotions

• La Miel Filipina will provide a shopping cart to their customers.
• We will put attractive photos to our website
• Provide promotions in the website to attract the customers and viewers

• Their information was all researched

Chapter 7
Marketing Plan: Product and
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La Miel Filipina offers the variety types of honey that is not offered by the majority of competitors mainly because they only provide commercialized and artificial honey. These are guaranteed pure, raw, organic wild honey that contains medicinal properties that is beneficial to consumers.
1. Pisukan Fresh Honey (120 ml) Price: 280php

Pisukan honey came from the bee locally known as pisukan or Giant Wild Bees (Apis Dorsata) that exist in the forests of Sierra Madre Mountain Range. These Giant Wild Bees are three times longer than common giant fly. Its nectar source is forest-orchard. The age of the beehive is harvested in about 3 months that’s why it is called fresh honey and that is the reason of its light color. The reason of its citrusy and sweet taste is because the nectar source also came from mango orchards and citrus orchards. Base on the conducted Focus Group Discussion and Beta Sales. Pisukan Honey is everyone’s favorite type of honey, it appeals in all age.
2. Ligwan Honey (120 ml) Price:
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For the strategy of place, La Miel Filipina is originally online shop that is why as a strategy, it will distribute direct selling and is also open to distribute to retailers. Lastly for promotion, the most important strategy is not just direct marketing but also online marketing. The business believes that by using different mediums and using a clear, and attractive message will be able to reach the consumers and increase brand awareness, these includes posters, online postings, coupons, gimmicks and

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