La Mission Movie Analysis

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1) Your review should summarize the plot, characters and themes of the movie. The film “La Mission” is about of Che Rivera one of the main protagonist, and he is a strong man respected throughout the mission barrio for his strength, that has always had to be tough to survive in this life. Also he loves to build low-rider cars with his friends. Che it was a rehabilitated inmate and recovering from being an alcoholic, he works as a bus driver that it needs to work hard to redeem his life and do the right by his only family and son “Jes Rivera”. Jes he is also one of the main protagonists in this film that his character plays a huge role in the story of the film. He is a high school student and son of Che a tough man, and Che discovers that…show more content…
The strength and weaknesses of Che Rivera is that he is a macho guy who isn’t afraid to face anyone, and he is a type of person that works had for his son and himself as an ex-con that fights the alcohol problem that he used to had thanks to his willing to be a better person. His weaknesses are that he a macho man with personal values that had challenged him when he discovers that his son is gay. Jess strengths are that he is a person with no fear that fights every day his personality of being gay; also he has no shame of being homosexual he has a strong attitude to face this situation every day. Jess weaknesses are that he suffers physical and mental abuse from people because of sexual preferences.

6) How are these issues relevant to criminal justice today? These issues of gay discrimination are important in criminal justice because we still facing racial discrimination not only physical appearance, religion, and economical but also gay and lesbian discrimination. These issues are important because criminal justice needs to provide and let people know that gay relationship are not evil they have rights and voice to speak and do what they want without affecting
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