La Navidad Research Paper

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Christamas, or “La Navidad”, begins very early in Puerto Rico. They start early in December and go on through the middle of January. The most important of the celebrations are December 24 – Nochebuena, December 25 – Navidad, and December 31 - Despedida de Año. The most important of all is El Dia de Reyes. This is Three Kings Day which is on January 6th. Puerto Ricans are known for their “parrandas”, which is when a group of friends surprises another friend. This is the equivalent of Christmas caroling. Part of the festivities include roasting a pig. The pig is called lechón asao. The pig is prepared a few days ahead, and on Christmas the pig is roasted. While that happens people come and sing as part of the all day festival. Traditional foods

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