La Neestro Analysis

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What is the definition of a monster? Is it a person, object, or even a demon? Reading “Monstro,” the monster was the disease, La Negura. La Negura was an unknown sickness in Port Au Prince, Haiti that was almost incapable of getting and very dangerous. In this story, a hypothesis would be: If the world was to end, then it would be by the La Negura disease. The disease seemed to have a major impact on the victims in the poor country of Haiti. The theme of the story is that the disease made people simply inseparable because once one gets it, he/she wants to be with more victims that have it, however while it brings people together, it breaks them apart. Is the disease good or bad for the one infected by it? The narrator in the story is a young man from Dominican Republic that attends Brown University. He ends up visiting home because his mother becomes sick, but he does not entirely want to go home out of fear of the disease. His mother is not sick with the La Negura disease. A year before she was bit with a rupture virus that injured her organs before doctors were able to find out. He was not a big help trying to help his mom…show more content…
In the beginning, the disease did not severely harm the infected; it just brought them closer together. The infected did not injure anyone nor did they speak. Towards the end of the story is when the disease took its toll on the infected and turned them into monsters. The infected patients started attacking their loved ones and friends and ended up running the uninfected people out of the country. The La Negura disease made the infected patients the monster of story turning them into zombies and causing terror in Port Au Prince. Reading this story, one could interpret not to take their life for granted. Even if one has absolutely no worries like the narrator did, one should always be conscious of the things going on around
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