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They came from Ancient Greece. They are known as the Hallstatt tribe and the La Tene Tribe. The Hallstatt tribe focused on female emotion with the environment. This area was combined with practical labor in the La Tene Tribe. Shamanism is also practiced on both continents. It means that a person has reached an altered state of conscience by interacting with the spirit world. These religions are very common in the early European continent.
Similar to the European beliefs, the Asians sometimes treated the magical population like Gods. One incidence of this was Gilgamesh. He was the first king of Uruk. He led his country for around 126 years. Another wizard that was considered a God by the muggles was Lashun. He was basically known as the “Divine One,” to most of the local villagers. He hated vampires. He basically taught the local villagers how to protect themselves from the vampires by using garlic and wooden stakes. He was possibly one of the earliest and greatest wizards in the Asian village. The muggles believed that he was supernaturally gifted. All these reasons lead to the beliefs of the magical people are from Gods. The magical world accepted this philosophy. They accepted
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I will compare it to the Asian continent. The biggest difference is the religions in both continents. The Europeans tended to believe Christianity. The Europeans look to Christianity as a monotheistic faith. Muggles basically believe that one God created everything. He inspired his followers to write the bible. They also believe that God is in the form of Three Persons. It is called, “Trinity.” It basically means that God is a Spirit. God is supernaturally God. Finally, it means that God is a human being. They believe that God sent his son to earth to die for the sins of civilization. His son would return to heaven as a spirit. He would rule the world as God the Father or in other words God the

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