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I believe I should be able to participate in La Tomatina next year, an event where over one hundred metric tons of tomatoes supply a giant food fight. I will be able to learn things that I would not have experienced if I had not taken part in this event and experience an entirely new culture altogether. La Tomatina is held in the Valencian province of Eastern Spain in the town of Buñol. It takes place during the last Wednesday of August in Buñol’s streets, only 20,000 people a year are allowed to participate in La Tomatina, as this event is inclusive to only those who purchase tickets. People who participate in La Tomatina throw tomatoes at one another for entertainment purposes, and participants of La Tomatina believe that La Tomatina is an incredibly fun event…show more content…
This giant food-fight has been the tradition of the town for many decades; a group of young people went to the Giant and Big-Head figures parade in Buñol in 1945. Their excitement caused a participant in the parade to fall off of his float. Enraged, he began to hit everything in his path, and a vegetable stall nearby supplied the pelting of tomatoes that ensued. Additionally, La Tomatina takes place while other festivities are celebrated around the town, and typical foods one might eat visiting Buñol would be paella-found throughout the town during the paella contests-bacalao, longanizas, baked goods such as pastissets, and, of course, tomato dishes.
In addition to the culture of Buñol, the Valencian Region of Spain where it resides is made up of three provinces: Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. Valencia’s lengthy history spans millenniums and has been recorded back to 138 B.C. Since the first coastal routes were established in the Mediterranean, the Greeks and Phoenicians both set up small settlements along the coast and interior of Valencia. Ancient terraces they created 2,000 years ago
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