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Choose LA Vista Nails, the best service in town! What’s new with nail colors, nail trends and beauty services? If you want to find out or try something new, LA Vista Nails is the place to go. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and especially women want to look and feel great. As a woman who enjoys a little pampering, I like to keep my nails kept nicely with a little sparkle on the, LA Vista Nails is where I go. Getting nails done either hand or foot can get quite pricey. Other beauty regimes may include getting eyebrows waxed or other facial hairs. This adds to the bill as well. I care very much about my appearance as I do my wallet. I head to LA Vista nails at least once a month for a pedicure and waxing and every two and a half weeks…show more content…
“I am a huge fan of essential oils and found this shop on yelp. I am absolutely in love with the products here. My fiancé and I are from California, so finding this shop in Iowa was a nice treat. The ladies provided excellent customer service and the products are top notch. I am in love with the Himalayan salt bath soaps. I can 't wait to get home to try the products.” Katie W. Anytime I have had a misstep and ruined a color, they have fixed it. I get acrylic nails applied. I return for a fill every two to three weeks. I never have a broken nail. I am very hard on my nails as I am a hands on mother of my two year old. I also type all day long. This, if you are an acrylic fan like myself, can interfere with the integrity of the nail. Eyebrow waxing is a specialty of the store. Not only do they warm wax your eyebrows, but they shape and pluck them. It is done with a quickness and precision and I only have to return once a month. The spa pedicure is to die for. This pedicure will last about 45 minutes. After soaking your feet in a beautiful purple or blue color mixture, the magic begins. The nail tech will turn your massaging chair on. They offer you a beverage. Next, the hands from below scrub and prune each little toe on your foot. From each foot to calf massages the circulation to your legs and feet come back to life. The next to last steps are warm citrus rubs, hot stones, a hot towel wrap while they finish putting color on the toenails. From one recent customer, Karen B “My spa pedicure included a long foot massage and good leg massage to the knee with lots of moisturizer, not

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