Lab 11: Weight Management, Questions And Answers

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FON 241 LL Lab 11 Weight Management Name: Tonya Hembree Questions: Weight Control 1. What was your average calorie intake? (See Intake Column in the Intakes vs. Goals section) (5 pts)My average calorie intake was 1334.8 kcalorie. 2. What percentage of your personal DRI did you consume? (See Intake vs. Goals section; % on Bar Graph) (5 pts) My personal percentage DRI was 26% 3. If you consumed the same amount of calories per day over a period of time (see item 1 above), would you lose, gain, or maintain your weight? Remember, 100 percent means your intake is meeting your needs based on your intake and profile information. (5 pts.) At this rate if I consumed the same kcarlorie intake I would lose weight. 4. Is your personal goal to
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