Unit 3 Lab 3 Dna Extraction And Visualization

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Lab 3 – DNA extraction and visualization Journal -Madhu Thalari.
1.Describe the laboratory exercise as you interpreted it.? Ans: This lab has given me methods to extrct DNA from both plant cells and animal cells. The main steps that are followed in both methods made me understand the reasons behind them. In order to extract DNA we need break the barriers(cell wall and cellmembrane), remove water, protiens and other unwanted material, make sure that the chemical we used should not damage DNA that we need and add flouroscent material to visualize the DNA. Now I think I can extract
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It is vey important crime investigation feild where the criminal can traced out. It also plays a major role in the law of justice where people lie about their relation that they had with other people(father and son or mother and son).
5.Below are the images of the gels after electrophoresis. Indicate which lane is loaded with the samples from your group?
Ans: Our group sample are in 8th and 9th lanes from left to right starting from ladder(not counting ladder). The 8th lane is loaded with hair follicle DNA sample and 9th lane is loaded with cauliflower DNA sample.

6.Describe the results, explain whether you obtained what you expect–why or why not?
Ans: The 8th lane shows up nothing which means hair fllicle DNA sample doesn't have DNA in it. The 9th lane showed up bright light colour which means Cauliflower DNA sample has DNA in it, but both 8th and 9th lanes are expected to show bright
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