Lab Analysis Of The Armfield UOP12 Filtration Unit

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For the experiment, the Armfield UOP12 Filtration Unit (Figure 1) was used. It consists of a plate-and-frame filter to help demonstrate filtration and the application of Darcy’s law (Equation 1). Figure 2 is a representation of the basic piping and instrumentation of the filtration unit used for the experiment. Two experiments were completed and in each experiment three runs were performed. In experiment 1, the volumetric flow rate was kept constant, whilst in experiment 2, the pressure was kept constant. This was done to determine the efficiency of perlite using the Armfield Filtration unit (Figure 1), by measuring the amount of cake recovered after the filtration process and the filtration time. Figure 1: Photograph of filtration unit. Figure 2: Basic P&ID of filtration unit. The experimental procedure is divided into the following sections: descriptions of the materials and equipment, the start-up procedure, sample preparation, the experimental procedure for both experiments, the shutdown procedure, and the safety and precautions when and before conducting the experiment. In order for the efficient use of the filtration unit, the controls and components of the equipment need to be properly understood and familiarised with. Below is a description of the components of the Armfield Filtration unit (Figure 1). Materials and equipment The Armfield UOP 12 Filtration (Figure 1) has a control console that controls the stirrer and the pump. It also shows values for

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