Lab Report Balanced Chemical Equation

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1. For the demo experiment, the balanced chemical equation is as follows: (NH4)2Cr2O7(s)=Cr2O3(s)+N2(g)+4H2O(g). After the lightning of Ammonium dichromate, Chromium (III) oxide was formed while the Nitrogen and Water escaped into the atmosphere in a gaseous phase. Ammonium dichromate((NH4)2Cr2O7) gave rise to Chromium (III) oxide (Cr2O3), Nitrogen Gas(N2) and water (H2O) In terms of microscopic level, the ratio between reactants and products is as follows. One mole of Ammonium dichromate will give rise to one mole of 1 mole of Chromium (III) oxide and 1 mole of Nitrogen gas and 4 moles of Water is gaseous phase. To convert these into formula units, 1 mole of any compound will equal 6.022X1023. So based on this, 1 mole of Ammonium dichromate is 6.022X1023 formula units. 1 mole of Chromium (III) oxide is 6.022X1023…show more content…
Based on the stoichiometric, the theoretical yield, actual yield and percent yield can be determined. In order to calculate the percent yield, the value for theoretical yield is required. Percent yield is determined by diving the actual yield by theoretical yield and multiplying by 100. The theoretical. The theoretical yield for Zinc Sulfide is 0.49 grams but the actual yield is 0.38 grams. So if 0.38 is divided by 0.49 and multiplied by 100 then the percent yield for Zinc Sulfide would be 77.6%. When it comes to Sodium Chloride, the theoretical yield is 0.58 grams and the actual yield is 0.45 grams. So when 0.45 grams is divided by 0.58 grams and multiplied by 100, the percent yield would be 77.5% of Sodium chloride. The actual yield is directly taken from the mass of the products in the experiment while the theoretical yield is determined by using stoichiometric calculations. To determine the theoretical yield, the reactants should be converted from grams to moles based on the coefficients in the chemical equation and the moles should be incorporated into the mass of the reactants. When calculated, this would give rise to the theoretical
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