Lab Report: Diffusion And Osmosis

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In this lab we used two processes called Diffusion and Osmosis. Diffusion is the movement of molecules from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. Diffusion is a process that requires no energy and involves smaller non-polar molecules. In Figure 1 you can see the molecules spreading throughout the glass from the area of high concentration, so that the areas with low concentration are filled evenly as well. The other process was osmosis. Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a membrane from an area of high contraction to an area of low concentration. Osmosis happens in three different environments. Osmosis is like diffusion in it requiring no energy. Osmosis can happen in three different types of environments; Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic. If osmosis were to…show more content…
Each group was assigned a different percent of sucrose solution out of the four variables; 0% , 5%, 10%, and 15%. After we filled the beaker we then got two potato cores. Once we had the cores we cut the skin off the ends. Following this we then cut the two potato cores into four 2.00 cm potato cores. After they were cut into 2.00 cm each we found the mass. We zeroed out the scale and weighed all four potato cores at once and recorded the mass. We then put those potato cores into the beaker of 75 mL of solution. With the potato cores in the beaker we then put a watch glass over the top of the beaker to minimize the amount of solution that evaporates. We let the potato cores sit in the solution overnight. The next day we then emptied the beaker of the solution by carefully draining the solution, while not letting the potato cores fall out. We then took the potato cores out of the empty beaker and dabbed them lightly with paper towel to get any excess solution off. We did this quickly and following it we then took the mass of all four potato cores again and recorded

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