Lab Report: Lab Reflection Of The Light Microscope

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Objectives 4
The components of the microscope 5
The support system 5
The magnification system 5
The working distance 6
The Resolving power 6
Eye piece magnification 6
Illumination system 6
The light source 6
Mirror 6
Condenser 6
Diaphragm 7
Adjustment system 7
Cleaning of the microscope 7
Materials 7
Method 7
Maintenance and handling of the microscope 8
Maintenance 8
Handling of the microscope 8
Parts and the functions of microscope 9
Focus, locate and center the specimen 11
Mount the specimen on the stage. 11
Optimizing the lens 11
How to focus? 11
Precautions 11
Conclusion 12
References 13


The light microscope which is often called the symbol of research and scientific discovery, which has evolved over last 350years from Anatole van Leeuwenhoek’s simple magnifier to the more sophisticated instrument of today.
Microscope is a device which is used to magnify the smallest entities which is not visible from our naked eye. Using the light microscope the objects can be enlarged or magnified with a convex lens that bends light rays by refraction. The visibility of the microscope depends on the resolution.
Light microscope is mainly used in the lab activities. This instrument has two lenses and various knobs which is used to focus the image. And also this instruments should be carefully maintained to prevent any damage to the main parts such as the

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