Lab Report Of Distillation

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Zeinab Ossaili - 7654795 Synthesis Lab – Experiment 1: Separation By Distillation The objective of this experiment is: • To use simple distillation to purify liquids. • To experience the limits of simple distillation when it comes to separations. • To use fractional distillation to separate mixtures of liquids. Method used: Distillation 1 – Distillation of an organic liquid containing a non-volatile coloured impurity • The distillation apparatus was assembled in regards to the instructions given and this was done by setting up the heating mantle followed by the round bottom flask, the reduction adapter, still head, thermometer adapter and finally the thermometer. • After the above was assembled the still head was connected to the condenser which had the tubing connected to allow water in and out. • The condenser was then connected to the receiver bend with a joint clip and a sample vial was placed just below its opening. • The apparatus was then clamped at two points the flask and the condenser. • A sample of (~30mL) of liquid mixture A was collected in a round bottom flask that contained anti-bumping granules. • The solution was then heated gently until the solution begins to distil and that is when the first temperature was recorded. • Samples were collected every (3 mL) using sample vials and the temperature was recorded during each fraction. • The distillation was stopped when (3 mL) of the solution was left in the distillation flask because letting it boil

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