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Friction Design and Practice / Lab report Name:Al-Hasan Al-Hamadani ID:3225941 Introduction: Friction is a force which opposes the sliding motion of one object over the surface of another object. In this lab report it was investigated that, the Kinetic and Static friction force between a steel plank and other materials i.e. Aluminium, Brass, Nylon, Steel. In procedure 1, it was attempted to find the relationship between the friction force and the normal force on the block, as it slid along the steel plank, friction occurs and we the coefficient of kinetic friction was calculated between the two surfaces. In procedure 2 , the surface area on contact between the block and the plank was calculated,which affected the friction force. In procedure 3 , a load was added to the hanger, until the tray gave a slight push and slowly slides up the plane. Aim: -To investigate the relationship between the angle of friction of various material on steel plane and the force required parallel to an inclined plane . Apparatus: -Adjustable stainless steel plane complete with base. -Cord and 0.5 N load hanger + weights. Theory: -Trays with liners : brass, aluminium, nylon and steel. The experimental setup is shown as follows : A : Pulley B : Angle Adjustment C : Smooth Stainless Steel Plane D : Hanger E : Feet Adjustment F : Lined Trays We used a hanging mass to exert a force on the block. The hanging mass was connected to the block using string draped over a

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