Photosynthesis Lab Report Essay

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The purpose of this lab was to demonstrate and view the osmotic process without using a microscope or chemical testing. In order to do so, background knowledge on the direction and flow of water is needed to identify the movement of osmosis.

The hypotonic solution will cause the potato strip to become heavier relative to its previous mass, the hypertonic solution will cause a decrease in the potato strip’s mass, and the isotonic solution will result in no change in mass.

Pre-Lab Questions
Why is it so important not to eat or drink anything in the lab?
It is important not to eat and/or drink anything in the lab because often times, many chemicals are clear, colourless and odourless. In addition to that, sometimes chemicals are able to diffuse into the air due to
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However, the isotonic beaker with no NaCl solution did not cause the plant to remain at the same weight, but instead allowed it to take in a bit more water than the hypotonic solution.

5. State your conclusions about the influence of solute concentration on the direction of osmosis.
In conclusion, osmosis is highly sensitive to various solutions. Thus, any amount of solute within the water will affect the flow of osmosis and the mass of any plant. Although no physical changes happened, that could be seen, ten minutes after placing the potato strips in the saline solutions, it was evident that the more water the beaker had, the more the potato strip weighed. It was also found that the more concentrated the saline solution, the less the potato strip weighed. laboratory, while the potato strips were in their beakers, we had not noticed any changes.

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