Lab Report: The Incredible Egg

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The Incredible Egg

The purpose of this lab was to find out what would happen over time to weight of an egg after we scrubbed the eggshell off in a little spot. We then soaked it in water for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 24 hours and measure how much the weight went up. Once we came back the next day we measured them after 24 hours. In the same day we put the syrup in the cup instead of water and we measured how much it weighed after 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 24 hours. As we did this with the water the weight of the egg went up because the water soaked into the egg and made it heavier. With the syrup it seeped into the egg and made it weigh less because the sugar in it would dry out the egg and make it weigh less. It done this because it wants equilibrium and that is where there is the same amount of water on each side of the plasma membrane, so it dried up the water to make all the water in the cup the same.
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We had a little trouble trying to get the egg shell off the egg because it was still a little hard on a few spots of the egg and the hard spots would not come off without breaking the egg. We also had trouble with the egg and getting it out of the cup because me and my partner had big hands and we could not get our whole hand in the cup the get the egg out of the cup. When we did get our hand in the cup and got the egg we could not get our hand out of the egg. That is the only problems we had with this lad and all the materials we used during this lad. Use the cup to put the egg in and to test what would happen to the egg, use water to make the egg swell up, use syrup to make the egg shrivel, the egg was the thing that was tested on, the scale was to weigh the egg in each test, the weight cups was to put the egg in so it could be weighed without it rolling

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