Label Jars Not People Case Study

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1) What do you think of this theory? Please support your response. Back when I worked with individuals with disabilities we had a poster on the wall that read “Label jars, not people.” Looking at the section on labeling, 2) what is the significance of the poster’s message? Label Jars do not mean people, this message pretty much means that everybody are difference they come in difference way and we should not judge them. It’s pretty much saying that we should not stereotype people and put them into groups without knowing everything about them. 3) How can labeling be detrimental to the self-image of the person labeled? It can be detrimental in negative and positive effects because if a people with a negative self –image with around people…show more content…
. 5) In your opinion, how widespread is wrongdoing in U. S. society today? In my opinion I believe that wrongdoing is very widespread because in today society it happens around us to day people don’t see it 6) Do you think the people who break the rules usually think that their actions are wrong? Why or why not? I sometime believe so, because people believe many time even if the people know first they justify their action until they believe that it’s ok. Other people believe that it is ok even when they know they are wrong 7) What do you think are the reasons for the apparent increase in dishonesty? There are so many reason why people increase in dishonesty. People are becoming more and more dishonest because they believe that if they will definitely be punished, but if they lie there is a chanced they will get away with what they have done. When the social-conflict approach looks at white collar crime versus regular criminal behavior, it suggests that the inequality of consequences for breaking the law shows how justice is not blind because power and privilege make a difference in the court process and
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