Labeling Theory: Labelling Theory

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3.1.1 Labelling Theory The behavior of deviance are influence by the society and labelling occur when those who label as deviance when the behavior divert from the norms. In the labelling theory that propose by Becker, the essence of deviant depend on how the society label or response them as and define the individuals as deviant, not the person who violates the norms. He also claim that deviant which are socially constructed fake by various audiences. In fact, the person constructed some activities that different from others or divert from the social norms label as deviant as the behaviour are unacceptable in the society. The activities graffiti which label as deviant in the context Malaysia in the past. The initial occurrence of graffiti was in the state of Johor during the late of 1990s. In the late 1990s, the term of graffiti label as deviant as the advancement of the graffiti equivalent the appearance of Hip hop music in Malaysia with groups such as KRU,4U2C and Nico with the graffiti famous artist such as Too Phat and Poetic Ammo. ( Norshahidan Mohamad & Sarena Abdullah, 2015). Most graffiti artist use other name as their as rather their own name. ( Alpaslan, 2012). The label of using other name does not cause heavy impact on the artist itself and sometimes it just act as label. On the other hand, some graffiti use as background music video such as Too Phat, Jezzebelle, Just A lil Bit and Anak-Freak to the Beat which influence the teenagers at that time. The

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