Labelling In Health And Social Care Essay

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In relation to abuse, in health and social care people tends to abuse individuals by doing it physically and this involves slapping, pinching and punching. However, in the health and social care sectors, individuals have no rights to put on such behaviours because it can cause serious harm on an individual 's. Also in terms of abuse, abuse can be done sexual and this involves doing unwanted sex with a child or an adult. So for example, in a school where a male teacher is teaching a female child and he want to have sex with the child and the child refuses. However, if he went on to do it forceful this can be refers to sexual abuse because the child is not in support of it. In addition, abuse can also be done through hate crime, neglecting, verbal…show more content…
In health and social care, we tend to label individuals without knowing it and the outcome of it can be difficult for individuals to understand. However, labelling can be calling people names which can be offensive to the person and this can be referring to someone as be fat, uneducated, mean and weak. However, labelling people in health and social care setting can affect both the discriminator and the victims in a way that limit communication and appropriate services for the service users. In relation to labelling, if some discriminated against the other, the outcome could be that the individual can end up disrespecting the victim or causing an harm to the victim and the effects is that it can limit the the idea of seeing the real person behind the scene. For example, in a care home if someone refers to an individual of be fat this can be a form of labelling and this can affect the way the individual feels about his or herself. In relation to discriminatory practices some of the reason why discrimination happens in health and social care are because of culture, disability, age, gender, social class, sexuality, health status and family
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