Labor Movements During The Gilded Age

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One of the greatest eras of the American history that brought remarkable advances in labor rights is the era of the Great Depression that saw an increase in the number of labor movements and mass radicalization of workers. Unknown among many people is that the growth and success of the American labor movements during the years of the Great Depression encompassed an intersection of political, social, and economic concerns. It should remain remembered that the immediate occurrence of Great Depression happened a few years after the end of the First World War that many countries were unprepared to meet its aftermath. According to great American historians, there were significant differences between the achievement of the labor movements during the era of Great Depression and those of the Gilded Age or the 1920s. This essay broadly discusses the reasons why worker achieved greater advances in higher wages, better hours, and other gains during the Great…show more content…
During the intense labor battles and organized industrial strikes, there was a sudden uproar of the issues surrounding civil rights that most of the Americans were currently fighting to achieve. It should remain known that the conscription of the youths into the military under a short training period, the sudden losses of soldiers in the First World War, and the brutal military engagement of the protesting workers were unlawful and against the human rights. After the government and its military troops were forcefully evacuating the Bonus Contesters along the Washington streets, some veterans were already constructing a great temporary encampment in a remote neighborhood known as Anacostia. The war on Civil Rights ignited in this temporary settlement with workers urging the government to resolve the Bonus scandal
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