Labor Union Membership Controversy

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No other organization in the United States arouses as much controversy as the United States’ labor union. Despite its goal to bring the employer and employee together in a bilateral partnership in lieu of an autonomous leadership track, to some the union has only succeeded in causing more mayhem than yielding anything positive while to others, the union has been a life saver by lobbying for better wage, --- and good working conditions. Depending on the perception of the worker, those who have benefited from the labor union have increased job satisfaction and wage while those who have had unpleasant experiences have no membership satisfaction therefore exiting the union. in the United States, the union emerged as early as the 1700s as suggested by Fossum (2014), “the genesis of the American labor movement parallels the birth of the nation. In 1778, New York …show more content…

This research will focus primarily on three scholarly views. Michael Wachter (2007), an economy scholar from the university of Pennsylvania argue that “the cause of this unrelenting decline is a single, fundamental factor—the change in the United States economy from a corporatist-regulated economy to one based on free competition” (p. 581). This study supports the idea that union membership declination occurred because of the US pecuniary alteration which gives more power to companies as opposed to the government controlling the market. Wachter argues that such a decision has a trickle-down effect on the economy.
In “Reimagining labor: the lessons of Wisconsin,” Fabricant, Michael claims that “labor’s increasingly dependent and dysfunctional relationship with the Democratic Party is perhaps the dramatic indicator of its declining power” (Fabricant M. 2011 p. 235). According to this author, the labor union over reliance on an unreliable political group is to be blamed for the disintegrating of the united states union

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