Labor Unions In The Nineteenth Century

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“How has the American labor movement elevated the standard of living for America’s working class?” Unions have been around for a long period of time. It is apart of our nations history. Labor Unions began around the eighteenth century and the industrial revolution in Europe. During this time there was a huge surge of new workers into the workplace that needed representation. The history of unions in the United States exploded in the nineteenth century with the founding of the national labor union in 1866.
Labor unions are organizations of wage earners or salaried employees for mutual aid, protection, and for dealing collectively with employers. They helped fight for better pay, health care, retirement benefits, education, civil precipitation, and they have brought voices together, that was once separated. Their struggles have elevated the working conditions, the standard way of living and the recognition of their members and also those who have labored.
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Statistics show annual dues paid are $8,595,485,222.00; therefore total union assets are $9,095,293,630.00. For example, Journeyman Ironworkers in Oklahoma earn a total package which includes medical insurance, retirement, 401K, etc. currently at $37.56 an hour. The more wages that are earned elevates the standard of living for America’s working class. Union workers are trained with skills, and they take pride in their work, which lead to higher wages. Union workers, depending on what trade, will go at least three years for apprenticeship training to learn those skills. Non-union workers are not trained, and make less money with no benefits and they also have to pay for their own insurance. Non-union workers make approximately, 15 to 16 dollars an

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