How Did The Labor Movement Play In The Progressive Movement?

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In America, many workers in the “Progressive Era” were experiencing more challenges than opportunities and were labor leaders came in with corresponding rights and wages. The wealthy elite having control of basically everything flourished during this time with their efficient modes of performance. Workers under the control of the wealthy elite were defeated with the lost of actual intelligence and unethical conditions. For labor leaders they persuade prosperous Americans by distrusting employers and to negotiate with them - the politicians - to pass their dominant values. With the workers ' frustration of their jobs, it only seems logical that labor unions would have been born. The upper class people expanded their business by controlling everything from their workers, others companies, and their product movement. Gustavus Swift, a shrewd cattle dealer, invented the assembly line (p.547). The assembly line is the idea that a worker repeated the same tasks, which…show more content…
With the frustration of employees, labor unions started to form on the premise of political alliances and by getting themselves some attention by protesting/ making laws of their working condition. To persuade opulent politician, many saw protesting as the answer to their conditions as like the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, while the Knights of Labor and Greenback-Labor Party did so by using their strong political bend to get what they want like the Granger laws (p.565-567). Protesting is a strong factor in order to get things done, but if you have to many people, there will be internal factions who want something else, compare to political diplomacy which is more structured. The major deeds of these groups were to have a 8 hour workday, no child labor, and safety laws (p.566-567). Having these centralize plan these groups can expand their ideas to politicians, its better than having no plan. Labor unions were the only opportunity for workers, whose daily life in the workforce is of

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