Lacan's Memoirs Of My Nervous Illness Analysis

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Lacan draw on Schreber’s Memoirs of my Nervous Illness and Freud’s in-depth exploration of the same book for formulating his theory about psychosis. Being distinct from neurosis and perversion, psychosis is brought about by the foreclosure of the master signifier, the Name-of-the-Father. Such a signifier is closely related to language. And it is the malfunction of language as such that leads to psychosis. Fink states “In psychosis, the paternal metaphor fails to function and the structure of language…is not assimilated.”36 The paternal metaphor must make meaning and signification possible, the lack of which affects all Symbolic order and pushes the subject toward psychosis. The psychotic subject never enters the Symbolic order proper. All the intersubjective relations with the Other and others are shaking. According to Lacan, “the psychotic is the martyr of the unconscious.”37 The unconscious is structured like language and the psychotic subject suffers from the law and order of the language and unconscious. The psychotic’s unconscious in not tamed and ordered. Lacan adds “psychosis consists of a hole, a lack, at the level of the signifier.”38 The subject questions the whole chain of signifiers owing to the hole. Lacan contends “in psychosis something becomes lacking in the subject’s relation to reality.”39 The structuration of symbolic reality faces problem. The psychotic subject is devoured by language. The subject’s entry into the Symbolic order is not a safe and

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