Lace From Black Mirror: A Brave New World

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Both the book and the movie bring themes of both acceptance and self doubt. Lacie from Black Mirror wants to be just like everyone that is a 4 point and up, and Bernard from A Brave New World wants to be like everyone else because he is afraid of being true to himself. The book and the movie both critique our intimate lives, and they make you think about your true character and values. It makes you wonder if you only care about what people think, or what’s best for you, whatever that may be. The book and the movie give us examples of characters that live to impress others. In Black Mirror, Lacie Pound only cared about her rank and she did any and everything to make others happy in order to follow her dream, which was to be like everyone else.…show more content…
I don’t have to look for acceptance I act the way I act because I want to no matter who is present, gaining acceptance will only make u weaker mentally and physically. When Lacie cursed at the people at the airport she did it because she wanted to at that moment she did not care about the outcome, and that scene made me realize that we should be free spirited. We will feel so much better if we don’t let others define what happiness is. John the Savage did not let anyone change him, people thought he was weird at first but they eventually started to be fond of him. So it is acceptable to be different, people will like you for you. Teenagers should watch this movie and read this book because this is what our world may look like in the future. Technology is steadily growing and being introduced to the variety of readings and movies will prepare us and make us think critically of our world around us. Before reading A Brave New World I did not know that any of this was possible and it made me think about how much control society has over us. We will soon be adults in this world and it will teach us how to better prepare for the
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