Lack Of Communication In Relationships

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Assignment #3- Cause and Effect Essay

Manuela Martin
English 102-GW1 Spring 2018
Professor S. Pathak
01 March 2018

Lack of Communication in a Relationship

One of the most fundamental elements of a healthy and strong relationship is communication. The lack of communication in the relationship can result in severe consequences. If there is no communication between a couple, then they will feel lonely and isolated which might make them emotionally vulnerable and make them withdraw from social activities. The lack of communication creates a chain of problems. One problem can lead to another problem, which results in a new problem.

These problems can be resulting in lack of intimacy, depression, loneliness, trust, and arguments.

One of the first issues that can be seen when there is a lack of communication is the loss of the romance. Men and women think and do communicate differently when it adds up to intimacy according to Bill and Pam Farrel 's bestselling book"Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti." Many couples do not talk openly about the matters of sex and romance, even today. This failure of communication leads to barriers and build walls ultimately it will bear upon the relationship in a negative way. If the woman does not communicate her likes and her dislikes, or her needs she will feel disrespected. A man who does not convey his desire he will be unsatisfied because he feels that his partner does not want to satisfy his needs.
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