Lack Of Compensation Argumentative Analysis

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a speech said, “They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone,” Kennedy said. “This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.” This got many people to be offended by his word choice. He later apologized for his word of choice by saying that he had no words to describe the situation. Kennedy is anti-mercury than anti-vaccine. He wants to remove mercury from the rivers, and the vaccines too. He has accused the CDC of being corrupted and manufacturing medicines that are made only for their benefit instead for actual health purposes (Edward). Kennedy has opposed the use of thimerosal, a mercury containing-compound, in the vaccines that is dangerous for children. Thimerosal has been used in vaccines to prevent contamination…show more content…
Some vaccines such as MMR, polio and varicella never contained thimerosal. Therefore, there are doubts about how people think there is a connection of the MMR vaccine containing thimerosal to the cause of autism. Kennedy has accused CDC for controlling the studies that show vaccines are the safest, and they do not cause any harm. He has mentioned that vaccines did not used to be profitable when he was a child, but these days, vaccines bring many financial offers for the CDC as they introduce new vaccines. Because of these points stated by Kennedy, people have actually agreed with his argument, and started doubting the vaccines manufactured. People have changed their decision to vaccinate, which lead to the decline of vaccination rate today. It is surprising how the companies that are responsible to manufacture vaccines can be selfish and not care about the health of people. As for this, people are not able to trust them anymore. However, it is for people to understand which companies should be trusted to get the

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