Lack Of Education Essay

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Why is Lack of Education a global issue?

Lack of education is a drastically big global issue which affects many lives. Lack of education causes multiple issues and it itself is a issue we cannot look over. The simple problem of not have education causes problems such as deficit for the community, an intolerant society, and it will create a cycle of poverty. Lack of education is a great contributor to problems in a community. It does not only affect the community, but it affects problems all around the world in a negative way.

Having a poor educational system can also affect your very own community. First of all, schools are not cheap, as only one school (which fulfills the children 's needs) costs about 26.5 million dollars. That is
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There are mostly no educated people to run the community because of the lack of schools and people who will rule the community will not be able to run properly because of no education. They will not be educated enough to benefit the community which will result in a corrupt society. The crime rate will be higher because there will be no proper laws. “Students would get disappointed when they got degrees without skills and had no hope to get jobs. She said that the causes of intolerance, disappointment and involvement of youth in crimes were unemployment and lack of financial resources.” (Dawn News)This proves that lack of education can cause crimes which will affect the community in a negative way. There will also be a less population in the community because people will want to leave at the corruption of the area. If there will be no educated rulers, there will never be a tolerant society. People will move out of the community but they will face more hardship, as they will not have a place to stay because they had to leave their only homes. It will result in all those people to be homeless and then they will also be victims of poverty. This will happen in all the developing countries with a lack of education. With all the uneducated people moving out, they will all migrate to developed countries for a better life. This will result in overpopulation in many countries like America, Canada, and so forth. Although
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