Summary: The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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“People will forget what you said and did but they will never forget how you made them feel” were the famous words of Maya Angelou, a famous African-American author. Our actions have impact on people. Our actions can motivate or de-motivate, pacify or agitate, amuse or irritate people. Therefore it is imperative that we take care of actions which can impact people around us. In corporate world, our actions have to be taken more care of as it may not only affect the business but even our relationships to a large extent. Thus emotional intelligence at workplace becomes extremely important to practise. Lack of emotional intelligence can lead to disasters. One such disaster related to not using emotional intelligence at workplace in the year 2013…show more content…
In the above example, we saw the possible consequences that lack of emotional intelligence can cause. Moreover in as organizations carve out their businesses in global markets more, the degree of diversity in the organizations, it is more important than ever before that organizations and its employees become emotionally intelligent. Thus, emotional intelligence is a term being used more and more within human resources departments and is now making its way into corporate boardrooms where it enjoys one of the top agendas of top management. Emotional Intelligence Quotient can be defined as competencies that demonstrate the ability to recognize one’s behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to manage them best according to the situation. It involves emotional empathy; attention and discrimination of one's emotions; accurate recognition of one's own and others' moods; mood management or control over emotions; response to appropriate emotions and behaviours in various life situations. Some other qualities which are not mentioned often can also include selection of work that is emotionally rewarding to avoid procrastination, self-doubt, and low achievement. Also balance between work, home, and recreational…show more content…
Frank then with the help of customer employees, provided a presentation to all his employees on material of glassware. The employees were rewarded with a antique glassware each in memory of attending this presentation. The employees understood their mistake but rather than feeling let down of it, they left back to work with a happy and positive attitude. What impact do such actions of leaders Frank have on the organization? Understanding Frank’s strategy, the company recognized that in order to survive in the competitive trucking industry, it can outpace the competition by energizing it’s employees. Roadway Express came up with a leadership program to attune their leaders to the importance of emotional intelligence. The overall objective was to help managers develop new knowledge, competencies and motivation to pursue the vision and succeed together. Specific goals

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