Lack Of Equality In America

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Why is it that lack of equality for all Americans still exist? This has been a problem for many years now, and may be a problem that will never end. Everyone at some point in their life has been a victim of inequality. People need to understand that all Americans have the same rights. Therefore everyone needs to be treated equally to uphold the promises of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, to avoid discrimination, and to restrict unnecessary police brutality. To begin with, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence states that every United States citizen has civil rights and in many situations people’s rights are violated. Actually being aware of the rights one as a United States citizen has can evade rights from being violated. However, when rights are violated a person should report it or do something about it. A great example is, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he was an activist who dreamed of civil rights equality. He proclaimed “Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.” (King 627) Years have passed since the…show more content…
Some police have gone as far as causing death with excessive physical violence. Many of those deaths were of victims that did not have a chance to defend themselves. Police are more likely to be violent toward African-Americans without any real reason, than any other race. Most injustices are recorded and reported, but most of the time nothing is done. The image of police to protect and serve is damages for many because they feel that they cannot trust the police. Police brutality has many Americans living in fear. This has ben the result of many police brutality incidences. There have been many victims of discrimination and police brutality which have violated civil rights of American citizens. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence does not exclude anyone. “And if America is to be a great nation this must become true.” (King

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